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Just when you thought you understood Wi-Fi . . .


wimax logoA major new initiative (reported by the Wall Street Journal will radically change the wireless landscape; it’s called WiMax. Really big companies such as Sprint, Google, Time Warner and Intel are jointing forces in a new broadband venture to expand coverage of wireless broadband connectivity.

Wifi can download about 1 megabit per second at from 100 to 300 feet. The new WiMax can reach you at 6 miles and download up to 5 megabits! This drastic improvement is sure to lower costs for infrastructure and thus consumers eventually.

What does it mean to smaller businesses? More access to your websites. As more laptops and cell phones have better access to the web, people will become even more dependent on Internet information. New kinds of devises will also be developed to fill the need to be connected all the time.

What do you do about it? Pay attention to your website with more zeal.

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